About Us

Promoting Quality Mentoring in Washington State

MENTOR Washington, formerly Mentoring Works Washington, is a public-private partnership founded in 2004 as a source of support for the hundreds of mentoring organizations across our state.

Our Mission: To promote, support, and expand quality mentoring that fosters positive youth development and academic success.

Our Vision: That every child in our state in need of a mentor has one, and that each mentor is trained and supported to maximize the positive impact mentoring can have on their ability to thrive and lead happy, successful lives.

The Mentoring Gap

We estimate there are more than 240,000 children in Washington State who could benefit from having a mentor and only 30,000 who have one. This leaves a gap of more than 200,000 youth without a mentor.
MENTOR Washington leads the effort to close this gap by:


Our board and leadership inspire us to do the work that we do. Read more about them here: Leadership

Champions of Mentoring

Collaborating with our partners on projects and initiatives is one of the most important ways MW supports the statewide mentoring community. Champions of Mentoring

Providers’ Council

The Providers Council serves as an advisory group for MW’s staff and supports the mentoring movement in Washington State.
Providers’ Council

Our Staff

Meet our team, who come together to help support mentoring across Washington State.
Our Staff