Joshy and Tim

Joshy, a 9 year old Tribal boy, was matched with an eccentric retired special education teacher, Tim. Both of them needed a meaningful connection. Joshy has lived in different homes with minimal adult attention and is not too interested in school work. Tim, on the other hand, missed his prior employment and was eager to engage as a mentor. Josh missed many days of school prior to receiving a mentor.

Although smart, Joshy was behind in his academic work and would not complete assignments. Tim was able to use his expertise to assess Joshy’s learning style and began to engage him in his work both in the classroom and in quiet spaces throughout the school. He helped Joshy find joy in math by making it fun and he used special tools to help with Josh’s visual challenges in reading. Because he is unable to focus for long periods of time, Tim taught Joshy how to work a little and then take a short break in order to continue his tasks. Joshy states: “My mentor has helped me calm down so I don’t get in trouble.” Tim’s caring and playful manner has helped Joshy attend school more often and begin to become invested in learning. Tim says: “Joshy has kept me alive, awake and interested. He’s a lot more fun than daytime television [since retirement].”