Zayden and Marcus

Zayden and Marcus, matched through Ignite Youth Mentoring, are a fantastic pair. Their story is an ongoing chronicle of one faithful young man spending consistent, intentional time to influence and befriend a young boy.  Every Tuesday when they meet, Marcus, the mentor, asks, “How’s your homework?” If it’s done they head off to do something fun like jumping at the trampoline park, playing Pokeman Go, etc. If homework isn’t done, they work on it together before they go.

Zayden’s mom has noticed remarkable changes in her child. She says “[Zayden] looks up to Marcus so much. Marcus has a special way with Zayden. He’s very calming.” Marcus connects with Zayden’s teacher monthly and volunteers in his classroom occasionally to get a chance to meet his friends and see how he does in school first hand. Marcus and Zayden make weekly goals together, and they do it together.