Building Impact: A Closer Look at Local Cross-Sector Collaborations for Education

January 17, 2020

Brought to our attention by Ready by 21 and The Forum for Youth Investment, this Cross-Sector Collaboration for Education is an interesting report presenting findings from comparative case studies of eight such initiatives across the country…

Despite a growing interest in cross-sector collaborations, there has been little research on their effectiveness. To fill this gap, the Wallace Foundation recently commissioned Teachers College, Columbia University, to conduct a study examining cross-sector collaborations to improve education. Although they face a number of challenges, “current collaborations show promise for creating a new kind of venue to bring local partners together who often have not cooperated in the past and have even been in conflict,” the authors say. “Importantly, most of the collaborations we studied seem to have helped calm often-contentious urban education politics and establish enough stability for partners to move forward.”

Between 2015 and 2017, researchers took an in-depth look at three collaborations-Say Yes Buffalo, Milwaukee Succeeds, and All Hands Raised in Multnomah County, Oregon-and a more limited look at five others (Alignment Nashville, Chatham-Savannah Youth Futures Authority, Northside Achievement Zone in Minneapolis, Oakland Community Schools, and Providence Children and Youth Cabinet). They visited each city one or more times to observe meetings and other activities and interview participants and stakeholders.

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