January is National Mentoring Month

January 2, 2020

Happy new year everyone!

Mentor Washington is excited to break into 2020 by celebrating National Mentoring Month.

This campaign celebrates mentoring and the positive effect it can have on young lives.

This month there will be tons of learning and engagement opportunities for those interested in the mentoring community on a local or national level.

Goals include:

  • Raise awareness of mentoring in its various forms
  • Recruit individuals to mentor, especially in programs that have waiting lists of young people
  • Promote the rapid growth of mentoring by recruiting organizations to engage their constituents in mentoring

Each year since it launch in 2002, National Mentoring Month has enjoyed the strong support of the U.S. President and members of Congress. This year is no different.

Read the Presidential Message on National Mentoring Month HERE

If interested in how you can help in Washington State specifically, visit HERE and learn more!