Resources from “Supporting and Including Youth with Disabilities in Mentoring”

January 7, 2020

In December, panelists discussed the impact of mentoring, and strategies and best practices for mentoring youth with disabilities to ensure that our programs are inclusive and accessible to people of all abilities.

View the slides, recording, and resources from this webinar on the CMWS webpage.

Thank you for your feedback! Your December webinar evaluations reflected…

– Plans to “look at ways to improve disability inclusion into policies” and to speak with one’s organization about “the importance on having different options of intake forms for our clients, and discuss community service projects”

– Interest in “building inclusive programming and training our mentors on creating inclusive spaces”

– Desire to learn more about “group mentoring and the different ways to intervene, motivate, and work with youth with disabilities” and “how to best support mentors that work with youth that have disabilities”

Webinars are held monthly on the third Thursday at:

10 – 11:15 AM Pacific
11 AM – 12:15 PM Mountain
12 – 1:15 PM Central
1 – 2:15 PM Eastern

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