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Improving program standards and quality mentoring in Washington

MENTOR Washington Partnership

MW offers benefits and resources to mentoring programs of all shapes and sizes through our partnership program. In our partnership program, organizations receive quality assessment and support for continuous improvement efforts for all mentoring experiences. To read more about the MW partnership levels and benefits, please access the link below:

Partner Levels and Benefits 

In order to access these benefits, please fill out the Mentoring Practices Survey below. Depending on your results, your program will be eligible for Impact Partnership, Partnership, or Affiliate levels.

Mentoring Practices Survey 

National Quality Mentoring System

MENTOR Washington’s (MW) National Quality Mentoring system partners are mentoring programs that have demonstrated commitment to quality program practices by completing the National Quality Mentoring System (NQMS). The system provides structure and ensures alignment with the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™. Most of all, the system ensures mentoring programs are able to continuously improve their practices and better serve youth in the state. To learn more about NQMS through Mentor Washington, follow the link below:
Quality Mentoring

Becoming a National Quality Mentoring System Partner

There are two levels of partnership available to youth mentoring programs in our state – Dedicated and Expert.

In order to become a Dedicated Partner, a program must:

  1. Register with MENTOR Connector
  2. Contact Victor Amabile with MW to discuss the fit for your program
  3. Request access to and complete the online NQMS self-assessment
  4. Meet with MW staff to complete an onsite review and draft an Improvement & Innovation Plan
  5. Receive state and national recognition for quality
  6. Implement the Improvement & Innovation Plan
  7. Receive technical support and resources from MW

In order to become an Expert Partner, programs must meet the requirements for Dedicated Partner, but must additionally follow 100% of the best practices for mentoring (Elements of Effective Practice), organizational operations, and program evaluation.

Recognition & Benefits

The NQMS process provides enrollees with a deep understanding of their program’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a roadmap and MW support to help achieve the best outcomes for kids. Specifically, NQMS is unique, as it levels the playing field among mentoring programs for quality recognition. This means that organizations of any size and budget can take advantage of the NQMS and its quality designations.

Other Partner Resources


MW offers in-person training to mentoring programs across Washington. To learn more or request a training, please visit our Training page.

Technical Assistance

MW has a host of resources available, including program evaluation, dedicated consultants, and the National Mentoring Resource Center.
Technical Assistance


The Chair’s Initiative for a Sounder Future grant is part of an effort by the Seattle Sounders FC and former Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen to increase the overall number of youth paired with mentors in Washington State.
The goal of this grant program is to increase the overall number of youth matched with a mentor. The maximum grant award is $5,000. Successful applicants will be required to provide a 50% match. To learn more and apply, go to the Mentoring Program Resources page.
Program Resources