Leading the mentoring movement, one step at a time

MENTOR Washington works hard to stay on the cutting edge of mentoring. Below, find some of the mentoring initiatives we are proud to incorporate into our movement.

1: Race Equity Initiative

Race Matters

Our mission is to work towards a world where all children are given equal opportunities and encouraged to succeed. To that end, we acknowledge the systems of inequity currently in place, and the difficulties faced by children of color today. MENTOR Washington commits to looking at our own practices to determine how race and inequity might impact our work, and what we can do to improve our work within that context.

Best Practices

MENTOR Washington is leading the way to create a training curriculum and set of best practices to help mentoring providers and mentors better understand the concept of race as a social construct, how race and inequity impacts youth, and how to most effectively mentor children of color.

Race Equity Council

MW will convene a group of professionals as an advisory board as we create this new curriculum and strategy. If you are interested in participating, please contact Laura Mendoza


To request a training on this subject for your organization, please visit our training page.


2: Check & Connect STEM Program

MENTOR Washington implements Check & Connect ™ (C&C) to help keep students on track toward graduation. The need for intervention is critical in a state with the second highest chronic absenteeism in the US. MW’s current C&C pilot project includes 6 schools (3 high schools with 3 feeder middle schools each) and infuses STEM activities and support through mentoring.

To inquire about starting Check & Connect, contact Claude Green: 425-213-5856;

MENTOR Washington also offers Check & Connect training and consultation options for administrators, counselors, coordinators, and mentors that includes a manual and implementation templates that can be modified to suit the needs of individual sites.

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