Quality Mentoring

Evidence shows that quality mentoring practices are a determining factor in achieving positive youth outcomes. MENTOR Washington invites youth mentoring programs to enroll in a continuous quality improvement process, the National Quality Mentoring System (NQMS).

Organizations of any size and budget can take advantage of NQMS and its quality designation. NQMS is unique: it levels the playing field among mentoring programs for quality recognition; the research-based benchmarks are universal for the largest and the smallest programs.

What is the National Quality Mentoring System?

MENTOR Washington’s (MW) voluntary NQMS includes an eye-opening self-assessment process that provides enrollees with a deep understanding of their program’s strengths and weaknesses along with a roadmap and MW support to help achieve the best outcomes for kids. Steps:

  1. Implement an eye-opening self-assessment—online survey (operations, programs & evaluation)
  2. Participate in an onsite review with MW
  3. Create an Improvement & Innovation Plan
  4. Receive state and national program-quality recognition
  5. Receive in-depth technical support

What is the origin and use of NQMS in Washington and in the US?

Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ provide the foundation for NQMS. The NQMS process has been tested and implemented since 2004; in 2012 MENTOR Washington opened the process. MENTOR and a set of 10 state MENTOR affiliates like MENTOR Washington started testing the NQMS system in 2008. Since then, MW has welcomed 22 programs into NQMS.

Same process. Different name.

How Does NQMS Benefit Youth Mentoring Programs?

100% of MW’s QMAP/NQMS programs recommend the process to other programs.

“This program [NQMS] and support is like an upgrade to first class”

– ASPIRE Mentoring, Yakima Family YMCA, Tom Oliva, Program Manager

What Benefits do Programs Receive?

Participation in the NQMS process helps your program:

“We … engaged in a conversation that deepened our level of dialogue about our processes, philosophy, policies and organization structure. I look forward to …the process with confidence that we will continue to receive support from [MW] staff in the unique, collaborative spirit we have experienced thus far. Our entire organization is excited about, the opportunity to grow and the clear benefits of the [NQMS] process.”

– Dr. Mark Brown, Friends of Children of Walla Walla, (immediate past ED)


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