Workforce Mentoring

“We believe in the power of mentoring. Having an experienced, caring and supportive person in your life can tip the balance toward success.”

– Daniel Pitasky, executive director, Schultz Family Foundation

Career Pathways through Workforce Development

Across the US, there are 5.5 million young people age 16 to 24 who are not in school or working. Access to quality relationships – much like access to food, healthcare and education – is critical to their ability to thrive. But too many young people growing up in our most under-resourced communities lack the specific kind of relationships that can help them envision and navigate toward a positive future. These youth, defined as Opportunity Youth, deserve the connections, quality mentorship, and job opportunities that can buoy them as they take on the world.

MENTOR Washington is leading an initiative to engage Opportunity Youth in King County. MW has teamed up with auto dealerships in the Seattle area, as well as Communities In Schools – Renton, and Renton School District on a pilot workforce training and mentoring program. Our model takes Opportunity high school students 16-19 years old, referred by their school coordinator, and works on the acquisition of relevant work skills and career guidance. This in turn will help grow community prosperity through youth worksite learning and skill building, as well as business investment in a stronger community future.

We partner with workplace and community-based organizations that work with Opportunity Youth directly to access mentors who can help them become self-sufficient and successful in both work and life.  Our mission is to provide mentoring workplace support by incorporating networks inside and outside of the workplace. We want to build on the pre-existing capacity and resources in communities in order to give young people the tools to gain a web of quality relationships, livable wages, paying jobs, and the social capital they need to succeed in life.

To read more about MENTOR’s work with the Opportunity Youth Thriving Initiative, follow the link below:
Opportunity Youth Thriving