For Mentors

1: Getting Started

Building Relationships: A Guide for New Mentors

This guide for mentors provides an overview of basic skills and concepts that may contribute to effective mentoring relationships.

Guide to Mentoring Boys and Young Men of Color

Sponsored by My Brother’s Keeper Alliance (MBKA) and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership and born out of an understanding about the issues facing both boys and men of color and their surrounding ecosystem, MBKA’s vision is to make the American Dream available to all boys and young men of color by eliminating gaps in their opportunities and outcomes.

3: Youth Development

Understanding the Youth Development Model (Fact Sheet)

This is the first in a three-part series of fact sheets exploring the connections between youth development principles and mentoring strategies.

Putting Youth Development Principles to Work in Mentoring Programs (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet explains how mentoring programs can build youth development philosophies into the delivery of their services and the mentoring activities they provide participants.

A Mentor's Guide to Youth Development (Fact Sheet)

Third in the series of youth development fact sheets, this issue explains to mentors how they can apply youth development strategies in their interactions with their mentee.

4: Match Closure

Avoiding Early Match Termination (Fact Sheet)

This fact sheet, based on the research of Renee Spencer at Boston University, explores reasons why mentoring relationships tend to fail, often with disastrous consequences for youth participants. Strategies for avoiding these issues are also explored.