Thank you for helping support quality mentoring for youth in Washington State! Your gift will increase the quantity and quality of mentoring in our state and go towards supporting young people move through adversity and become resilient and caring adults. At MENTOR Washington, we know that the success of one young person can ripple through a family, community, and future generations. Donate today, because mentors have the opportunity to make a difference.

MENTOR Washington plays an essential role in building the quality and resources of over 60 small mentoring programs across the state. With our support, these programs provide quality mentoring relationships to youth living in Washington, and are able to fuel each individual’s life journey.

Read more about the Mentoring Effect:

Mentoring Effect 

Other Ways to Give

Stock Donation:

Minimize your tax liability from capital gains by sharing the gift of appreciated stock

United Way Designation:

Through a United Way gift, you can designate a portion or your entire gift to MENTOR Washington. Please indicate on your United Way pledge form the amount you wish to give.

Planned Gift:

Celebrate someone’s life and leave a legacy behind by giving a planned gift to MW.

Matching Gift:

Before you make a contribution to support youth through MW, ask your employer if they have a matching gift policy. Some workplaces support their employees by matching contributions to the charities of your choice.

For more information on the many ways you can support MW, please call Kelly McKee at 425.213.5844. Thank you for your support!